Shining a new light on optical spectroscopy

Oxford Instruments has launched a new Cryofree optical cryostat – the OptistatDry – specifically designed for low-temperature spectroscopy applications.

The OptistatDry allows optical spectroscopists to cool their samples to less than 3 Kelvin without the need for liquid cryogens. Low-temperature spectroscopy experiments can be time-consuming and difficult to set up, so the new product has been designed with customers’ experiments in mind, making integration quick and easy. For example, the stand has fixing points to mount directly onto both metric and imperial optical benches. The puck-style sample holders make electrical connections to the sample straightforward. Sample change is done with the cryostat in-situ, through the load port, eliminating the need for removing the cryostat from the optical bench and then having to re-align optics when setting up again. Through this attention to detail, the solution minimises the time taken from setting up the new cryostat to obtaining the first experimental results and between subsequent experiments.

The OptistatDry is extremely versatile. It can be used for a wide range of spectroscopy applications including Raman, FTIR, fluorescence, photoluminescence, UV/Visible, etc. Its modular design also means that the cryostat can be upgraded at a later date as experimental needs evolve. Users can easily add from a wide range of wiring options and sample holders, and even upgrade to future models without having to buy a completely new cryostat.

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