Sensirion at COMPAMED: a preview

1st October 2014

Sensirion's liquid flow sensor

At this year's COMPAMED trade fair, Sensirion is presenting new and enhanced sensor solutions for measuring gas and liquid flow rates and differential pressure.

The company is also offering new disposable liquid flow sensor solutions for medical devices. The use of intelligent, compact and cost-effective disposable liquid flow sensors is set to change the field of drug delivery from the ground up and enable solutions to be provided that are safer, more reliable and more mobile for care in the hospital and at home.

The new SFC5000 digital mass flow controller enables mass flow to be measured and controlled rapidly and precisely with long-term stability over a wide dynamic measuring range. This makes the sensor ideal for medical applications such as mixing gases in anesthetic devices. Thanks to Sensirion's CMOSens technology, the new SFC5000 offers maximum precision, repeatability and reliability at an attractive price.

The company will also be showcasing its analogue mass flow meter for artificial respiration devices in the medical industry. The new SFM3100 analogue mass flow meter is compact, precise and quick. It is easy to integrate into existing devices and can detect negative flow ranges, making it particularly suitable for use in artificial respiration devices (inspiratory) and for gas mixture. A temperature sensor is located in the flow meter's gas channel, enabling highly precise temperature compensation. An additional temperature sensor does not have to be installed. 





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