Secure tubing paths for biopharmaceutical sector

High Purity New England (HPNE), a leading supplier of biopharma equipment and process systems for the biopharma industry has launched its new line of Defined Tubing Routing (DTR), a flexible tubing support system targeted for single-use biopharmaceutical manufacturing. This modular system holds silicone tubing securely, eliminating dips and preventing dips that occur in unsupported pressurised lines.
For the first time, skid builders, process engineers, and facilities managers have a proven, mass-produced, and versatile option specifically engineered to define supported and clean routing of single-use tubing.
DTR simplifies single-use tubing management in a cleanroom environment, with colour-coded rigid supports for easy visual identification of each tube connection. With solid and supported bridges, even over short spans, it securely holds any length of single-use tubing. The combination of clips and routes are mounted to brackets to provide rigid and secure support, even over long tube runs. Portable mounting panels can be engineered to get tubing off the floor without damaging cleanroom walls.
“Managing tubing in single-use facilities can be challenging for operations teams. DTR is versatile, modular, and functional. From an engineered full facility install, a single suite or components for skid builders, one product can do so much. It is rare in this industry to find a simple solution to a ubiquitous problem.” said Megan Baillie, Product Specialist at HPNE. “Skid builders will love the versatility of this product as it can be modified for different needs, including attaching to walls, chromatography columns, and exfiltration systems.”

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