Scanning electron microscope installed to improve quality control

Agar Scientific, a leading supplier of microscopy equipment and consumables, has installed a new scanning electron microscope at its Stansted headquarters. The new SEM will allow Agar to further increase the standard of its quality control procedures, giving customers complete confidence in the products that the company supplies.
The new SEM – a Tescan Vega3 SBH – is already fully operational, and is being used to vet Agar’s range of gold-on-carbon and tin-on-carbon test specimens, which are vital for assessing SEM resolution. A full-time, in-house SEM operator performs thorough quality control checks to verify the particle size range present in the calibration standards manufactured by Agar, as well as checking for contaminants and physical defects.
The SEM is also used to perform spot checks on the range of other SEM consumables manufactured and distributed by Agar, from filaments to finder grids. By upgrading its in-house SEM facilities to the latest generation of technology, Agar can offer its customers the highest possible standard of service and total peace of mind.

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