Samplix launches Xdrop

Samplix has announced the launch of its Xdrop sample preparation products for PCR-free target enrichment yet maintaining PCR-level specificity. 

Xdrop enables single molecule resolution and bias-free enrichment of genomic regions longer than 100kb from as little as 1ng genomic DNA. It fits seamlessly with any sequencing platform and works equally well with both short-read and long-read sequencing systems.

“We are excited to launch our Xdrop sample preparation products that allow our customers to discover the true biological representation which we all acknowledge is challenging,” said CEO Lars Kongsbak. “To put it simply, Samplix allows customers to get more out of their samples by eliminating today’s many shortcomings in sample preparation such as bias and lack of representation, which jeopardise the downstream sequencing”. 

The Xdrop system builds on Samplix’s technologies to partition single molecules in microfluidics cartridges that are simple to use. The product offering comprises an instrument for cartridge control, different microfluidics cartridges and several molecular biology consumables optimised to work with the microfluidics cartridges.

Samplix’s sample preparation provides for PCR-free enrichment of large single molecules spanning entire genomic regions. The long-range information may comprise phasing, structural variants, repetitive sequences, etc. Furthermore, as very little knowledge about the target sequence is required, the Xdrop enrichment may equally be applied to investigate unchartered genomic regions.

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