Safeguarding samples from potential thermal degradation

21st November 2016

Posted By Paul Boughton

Genevac has announced the latest version of its proprietary autostop when dry control software which allows its EZ-2, Rocket and HT-Series evaporators to automatically detect when the samples are dry and then shut it down - safeguarding valuable samples from potential thermal degradation.

Combined with Genevac's continuous running condensers, autostop when dry control software allows easy unattended operation offering the possibility of significant increases in productivity through use of overnight evaporation runs.

Genevac autostop when dry control software overcomes this problem by using one of two methods to determine when dryness has been reached and then automatically shutting down the evaporator without further user intervention.

With Genevac evaporators the software detection of sample dryness is determined either by the rate of heat flow into the sample or by temperature convergence using pre-positioned probes in sample holder and sample.

Either method gives significant time savings over traditional manual methods as well as freeing up operator time for other more productive tasks.





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