RNA sequencing: the complete sample-to-answer solution

Next generation sequencing (NGS) technology has revolutionised the way DNA-sequencing is performed worldwide. When commercial NGS platforms were first introduced, few people would imagine that this technology would become sufficiently accurate for reliable quantification of RNAs. However, combined with scientific knowledge and technical skills, NGS has become a very powerful tool for RNA quantification and discovery of novel transcripts.

Exiqon Services offers a complete sample-to-answer solution with continuous support from initial consultation, sample RNA isolation, QC-results, to raw data and summary report. The company’s extensive experience of working with coding and non-coding RNA, including microRNA, is beneficial when exploring and characterising new RNA species, such as piRNAs or long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs).

The full support offered by the company, from experimental design to biological interpretation of data and recommendations for validation scheme, provides researchers worldwide with solid, reliable and accurate data.

To ensure equally high data quality, Exiqon has developed a thorough quality control pipeline that includes RNA-QC, library preparation-QC, Raw sequencing data QC, as well as various other QC steps during data analysis. All steps in the process are performed using standard operating procedures (SOPs), from wet-lab sample handling to data analysis.

The company offers quantitative expression analysis via NGS in addition to the innate discovery analysis of the sequencing technology. RNA molecules are sequenced in an unbiased fashion; no previous knowledge of the RNA species present is necessary. In contrast to probe-based array and qPCR technologies, no pre-designed oligo-probes or qPCR primers are needed to perform a robust experiment.

Exiqon performs sequencing with the well-known Illumina sequencing-by-synthesis platform. The company’s sophisticated NGS laboratories offer a flexible set-up with small scale sequencing on MiSeq, mid-scale sequencing on NextSeq500, or high scale sequencing on the HiSeq2500 instruments.

In addition to the sequencing service, Exiqon offers both qPCR and probe-based arrays for validation and further large-scale screening studies. For validation of microRNA sequencing data, the company applies its own highly sensitive miRCURY LNA qPCR and microarray systems.

In summary, Exiqon Services offers the complete sample-to-answer solution, from sample isolation to data interpretation and validation scheme.

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Exiqon is based in Vedbaek, Denmark

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