Revolutionary WakeUp® drink granted innovation award at Drinktec 2013

Israeli start-up Inno-Bev Ltd.’s revolutionary WakeUp® drink was awarded the “Best Functional Drink” in its category, during the Beverage Innovation Awards at the annual Drinktec Beverage and Liquid Food Industry expo on 19th September in Munich, Germany.

WakeUp was recognized for its ability in naturally helping employees during work hours. Following four years of research, including three rigorous clinical studies and successful local sales to multi-national high-tech companies, WakeUp® is ready to present strategic opportunities with global convenience and health brands.
Eli Faraggi, creator of WakeUp, designed his beverage formula as a next-generation solution for the US$40 billion (and rapidly growing) energy drink industry. “We are very proud to receive this award for innovation,” says Faraggi. “While energy drink sales are on the rise, we believe there is a growing demand for safe, science-based alternatives to the existing caffeine-based beverages that are under review by the FDA and in Europe. Consumer beverage brands can take advantage of our science, either on their labels or by advertising the benefits of WakeUp, all in accordance with evolving regulatory requirements.”

WakeUp (often called a “Post Lunch Waker”) is a 100ml, lemongrass-flavored, daily beverage designed to provide a comprehensive solution for the fatigue that occurs during noon time and is known as "Post Lunch Dip" syndrome (P.L.D.). The WakeUp formulation is patent-protected and based on natural standardized ingredients already used in nutritional foods and beverages, including guarana, ginkgo biloba, elderberry and a unique apple sugar with a low glycemic index that reduces sugar fluctuation.

P.L.D is embedded in our biological clock. Between 1pm and 4pm, a “sleep gate” is opened in our bodies, as systems slow down and decrease their rhythms. Blood pressure decreases, blood glucose fluctuates and a mild drop of temperature occurs. PLD has been shown to have huge economic and safety implications. Lost productivity in the U.S. workforce alone is estimated at more than $US136 billion annually. Car accidents rise significantly, while work safety and customer service are impaired.

WakeUp’s safety and efficacy have been scientifically demonstrated in three-clinical trials at two world-renowned institutions, the Rambam Health Care Campus and the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) medical faculty. The first study, published August, 2013 in the peer-reviewed Israel Medical Association Journal, clearly demonstrates that WakeUp:
a.       Improves alertness and cognitive performance after lunch and for more than 120 Minutes
b.      Does not increase heart rate or blood pressure
c.       Does not create a tolerance effect over time
d.      Improves alertness test results with daily consumption

“We believe this combination of safety and science, together with convenience and good flavor, are the reasons WakeUp has been chosen 2013’s Best Functional Drink,” adds Faraggi.

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