Revolutionary new laboratory bottle system

The DURAN Group will launch a revolutionary new Laboratory Bottle System called YOUTILITY in January 2014

DURAN Laboratory bottles are widely used in scientific research for activities such as sampling, storage, mixing and sterilisation of liquids.

The YOUTILITY bottle system addresses the critical issues of safe handling and bottle identification through the systematic design of the individual components.

The bottles with their ergonomic hand grips are made of highly resistant DURAN glass, and are available in four sizes; 125, 250, 500 and 1000 ml. The ergonomically-shaped screw closure can be safely and comfortably handled by all users, but especially by those with smaller hands or who are wearing protective laboratory gloves.

The bottle bodies and closure feature dedicated areas for the attachment of self-adhesive identification labels. The innovative Bottle Tags fit around the bottle neck and allows the simple colour personalization of bottles that are used in shared work areas.

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