Retrofit viscometer detector

The HK series differential viscometer from Testa Analytical offers labs using gel permeation chromatography (GPC/SEC) the opportunity to upgrade their system performance with a new detector.

Traditionally GPC/SEC viscometers have been based upon measurement of differential pressure across a capillary network. Using an HK series differential viscometer, GPC/SEC system users can now dramatically reduce their experimental noise level and increase sensitivity by more than an order of magnitude. This allows use at much lower flow rates plus detection of polymers, proteins, and polysaccharides at lower concentrations and with lower molecular weights than was previously possible. Semi micro-GPC/SEC applications can now also be routinely undertaken.

The new detector offer excellent sensitivity and most important of all, no negative breakthrough peaks after a run, allowing users to reduce measurement time. In addition, the high stability means results are reproducibly precise and reliable.

The compact unit is simply connected to any GPC/SEC system and is compatible with all commercial GPC/SEC software. 

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