Redefining stem cell research

Integra Biosciences’ Viaflo electronic pipettes are helping denovoMatrix in Dresden, Germany, to produce modular, biomimetic coatings for cell culture plasticware that can be tailored to recreate a large variety of conditions for testing adherent cell cultures.

Chief Scientific Officer Dr Richard Wetzel explains “We have developed a range of pre-coated cell culture plasticware – screenMatrix and myMatrix – and use the Viaflo pipettes to prepare and fix the biomimetic coating onto these products.”

He adds:"We have multichannel and single channel Viaflo pipettes in a range of sizes, including 100, 300 and 1250 µl. The Repeat Dispense function saves a lot of time compared to pipetting aliquots one at a time, and the automatic Pipet/Mix function is also really handy – it simplifies the process and ensures that your solution is uniformly mixed. Quality of results is vital, and we know that we can trust the accuracy of the pipettes; we don’t need to double-check whether the pipette is doing what it should. The GripTips pipette tips are always correctly aligned and locked on, and the Ggreen Choice refill inserts reduce wastage."

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