Receptor products for immunotherapy research

AMSBIO has launched a range of new TIGIT receptor products including a Jurkat cell line, Homogeneous assay kits and recombinant proteins for immunotherapy research.

Human T-cell immunoreceptor with Ig and ITIM domains (TIGIT) is a receptor expressed on the surface of human T cells and NK cells that binds to CD155 and CD112 present on the surface of dendritic cells. The binding of TIGIT with CD155 or CD112 results in inhibition of T cell and NK cell activation. Antibodies and other agents that inhibit this signalling pathway have known to increase the immune response, particularly in the case of certain cancers.

A new recombinant Jurkat cell line is now available from AMSBIO that constitutively expresses a full length human TIGIT, and a firefly luciferase gene under the control of nuclear factor activator T cells (NFAT) response elements. Both the TIGIT and NFAT constructs have been stably integrated into Jurkat cells. The TIGIT-specific NFAT response has been validated using a TIGIT ligand (CD155 PVR) and TIGIT expression confirmed using Western Blot methodology. This cell line is ideal for high throughput screening (HTS) to identify antagonistic monoclonal antibodies targeting either TIGIT or its ligands, such as CD155 in a cellular context.

AMSBIO has also introduced two TIGIT Homogeneous assay kits, a CD112 kit to measure the inhibition of TIGIT binding to CD112 (PVRL2/Nectin-2), and a CD155 kit designed to measure the inhibition of TIGIT binding to CD155. Both kits come in a convenient AlphaLISA format with sufficient reagents and buffers to perform a total of 384 reactions. Each kit requires just three simple steps on a microtitre plate therefore are consequently quick and easy to use.

To assist in the study of protein binding and for screening small molecules and antibodies, AMSBIO has additionally launched Fc Fusion TIGIT and biotinylated Fc Fusion TIGIT recombinant proteins.

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