Reader for cell-based assays

10th February 2015

The new Spark 10M multimode microplate reader is designed to offer greater flexibility and increased productivity for cell biology and genomics customers. From microbiology research and cell-based assays to rapid DNA quantification, the Spark 10M delivers a combination of advanced capabilities and ease-of-use to simplify daily work.

At the heart of the Spark 10M are Tecan’s Fusion Optics which offer users the choice of filter- or monchromator-based measurements – or even a combination of both – at the touch of a button, meaning laboratories no longer have to make a trade-off between flexibility and sensitivity. This system is complemented by patent-pending High Speed Monochromators (HSM) which provide a complete absorbance scan, from 200 to 1,000nm, in under five seconds.

The Spark 10M reader has been developed from the outset with cell-based assays in mind, and includes a host of software and hardware features designed to simplify cell biology protocols. It combines precise temperature regulation and plate shaking options with a fully integrated Gas Control Module (GCM), offering advanced in-reader incubation capabilities for walkaway, long-term studies.

Productivity and reproducibility are further improved by the addition of a humidity cassette and automated lid handling, helping to precisely balance gas exchange and provide exceptional evaporation protection. 

For even greater efficiency, the Spark 10M also features a bright-field cell counting module which uses Tecan’s disposable Cell Chip devices to provide rapid, label-free cell counting and analysis. Controlled by the system’s user-oriented SparkControl software and intuitive touchscreen interface, these advanced features make it easier than ever before to set up and run even complex assay protocols, with one-click operation and remote control for even greater efficiency and productivity.





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