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14th April 2014

Kbiosystems' new eGecko electronic barcode print and apply system

Kbiosystems has announced the launch of three new products in 2014. Following an 'e'-based theme ('e' meaning 'electronic'), the products are named eGecko, eSeal and eViper respectively.

eGecko is an electronic barcode print and apply solution. Kbiosystems describes it as a progressive instrument that follows on from from its earlier models. eGecko uses electricity to drive the system. Compared to its previous generations, the company has successfully reduced the size of the eGecko system while maintaining a strong emphasis on speed and flexibility for the integrators who will be using it.

eSeal meanwhile, is Kbioystems’ first electronic thermal plate sealing system.

Finally, the eViper is a linear track plate handling system that’s able to present plates to two systems (i.e. enabling two products to be fed at once). Like the other new products, the eViper is electrically driven and small and compact. It has a small footprint and is easily integrated again with other vendors’ instrumentation. 

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