Raman imaging tech now has UK representation

Elliot Scientific has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with WITec, of Ulm in Germany, to distribute its range of award-winning Raman imaging instruments.
WITec is a leading manufacturer of high-quality micro- and nano-analytical imaging equipment featuring confocal Raman microscopy, atomic force microscopy (AFM) and scanning near-field optical microscopy (SNOM) techniques for the geoscience researcher, forensic scientist, pharmaceutical lab technician, semiconductor manufacturer, and food and drinks technologist.
The WITec product line of high-resolution SNOM, AFM and confocal Raman imaging solutions will be the responsibility of Elliot Scientific’s Managing Director Dr. Adrian Knowles. He is a qualified chemist and is well known within the spectroscopy community, especially within the field of Raman spectroscopy. His knowledge encompasses a wide range of technologies that include CCD cameras, fibre-optics, microscopy systems, Raman spectrometers and fluorimeters. His broad market visibility has been fundamental in the success and growth of several photonics and spectroscopy companies during his 20 year career.

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