Radiometer/photometers for UV light measurement

The Spectroline AccuMAX Series of digital radiometer/photometers provide accurate readouts for UV irradiance, visible illuminance and luminance light readings.

The AccuMAX XR-1000 and XF-1000 readout units combined with the appropriate UV sensors provide measurements of ultraviolet output of UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. The intensity measurement can then be converted to energy, applicable for most discrete laboratory or life science applications including photoactivation, UV dosing, fluorescence analysis and more.

Single-wavelength sensors are available in both standard range (XS-series) and extended range (XTS-series). Standard range meters are used for measuring the intensity of fluorescent UV tubes and HID UV tubes, whereas extended range meters measure high-intensity light sources used in curing and photoactivation applications.

AccuMAX meters are microprocessor-controlled with software-driven functions. They have five user-customized settings to work with a wide variety of interchangeable sensor detectors. They also feature multilingual display settings in four languages: English, French, German and Spanish. In addition, there are three main operation modes including automatic zeroing, integration and absolute data/normal. In the integration mode, the meter sums up the cumulative UV light that the sensor is exposed to over an interval of time.

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