Quick routine pipette check

In labs around the world, each day, scientists rely on pipettes to perform basic but important tasks that involve accurate and reproducible liquid sample transfers.

Like any other measuring instrument – pipettes are sophisticated instruments that are typically serviced and calibrated annually to guarantee their performance.

Pipette Calibration is a fundamental part of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and must be considered a vital part of any laboratory regime where precise volumes of liquid need transferring or diluting.

However what happens to pipette performance between annual calibrations is unknown to most labs and risks unacceptable variation in dispense volume not matching target volume.

Integra has produced a new poster that provides informative guidelines to enable any lab that has access to a microbalance, to perform a quick routine check that offers many of the benefits of an annual pipette calibration.

The described protocol checks pipette functionality and provides a solid indication of its actual performance. It is not a substitute for an annual calibration performed by a specialised calibration laboratory but does allow you to assure pipetting quality throughout the year. 

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