Proseal improves meatball and burger packaging

Three Proseal GT2 traysealers are helping to double packaging throughput for a range of beef burgers and meatballs at beef specialist Dovecote Park Ltd.

The machines are installed at Dovecote’s Stapleton factory in West Yorkshire, which focuses on the complete processing cycle from slaughter, through maturation and into retail packs, and is one of the company’s two dedicated UK operations.

As well as the speed of the Proseal tray sealers, Dovecote Park cites ease of use, quick tool changeovers, superior reliability and excellent seal quality as key benefits of the new equipment.

The GT2 incorporates Proseal’s high-speed high oxygen gas flushing for red meat, with reduced cycle time to maximise throughput.  High speeds are also achieved through features such as servo-controlled pack transfer which creates a smooth movement for trays throughout the sealing process, and self-centring pack guides, which ensure trays are accurately positioned for sealing, a vital factor in particular after a tool change.  Automatic film snap and film end detection also help to maintain consistent operation.

A user-friendly menu-driven control panel provides ease of set up and operation, which can be remotely accessed and controlled.  The screen also provides detailed production data, production monitoring and full diagnostics.

The decision for Dovecote Park to invest in Proseal equipment followed a visit to the Proseal headquarters in Adlington, near Stockport.

“We had heard good reports of Proseal and we were certainly very impressed by their manufacturing operation,” comments Dovecote Park Retail Production Director David Redman.

“The machines are well designed and not over-specified; they do exactly what is required of them consistently and reliably, particularly in terms of seal quality.  I also like the fact that they are very accessible, with easy to understand and operate controls and the ability to see what is happening inside.  In addition, tool changes are also much faster than our previous equipment.  All this ensures we can get maximum output from the tray sealers throughout each 12 hour shift.”

The beef burgers and meatballs are packed into unique trays designs created to the retail customer’s specific requirements.  The new meatball packing line also incorporates a specially-designed automated packing system that has further reduced operator involvement to maximise product throughput.

“The move to any new supplier always requires an initial leap of faith but we have never had any cause to doubt our decision to select Proseal equipment,” concludes David Redman.  “Since the first tray sealer was installed, it has literally been a case of switch it on and away it goes.  Equally important the high levels of service and support that Proseal provides means we know that should an issue arise, it will be dealt with speedily.”

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