Profilometer-guided Raman imaging

13th March 2017

Posted By Paul Boughton

WITec is launching the next generation of its TrueSurface optical profilometer.

The combination of surface analysis and Raman spectral acquisition enables topographic Raman imaging on rough and uneven samples.

One-pass simultaneous operation makes 3D Raman chemical characterisation easier and faster than ever before.

With the TrueSurface option, Raman spectra are acquired from precisely along a surface, or at a set, user-defined distance from a surface. This makes the distribution of chemical components within the sample visible in three dimensions.

Rough, inclined or irregularly-shaped samples can be investigated with the same ease as standard samples. The requirements of sample preparation can therefore be drastically reduced.

As the TrueSurface sensor actively monitors and maintains a set distance between the objective and sample surface, its closed-loop operation can compensate for any variations during measurements with long integration times. This keeps the measurement area in focus at all times and produces sharp chemical Raman images with sub-micrometer resolution.

Investigations on pharmaceutical tablet coatings, geological samples, composite emulsions, complex semiconductor structures and many other applications can benefit from the ease of use, accelerated workflow and methodological advantages provided by the new TrueSurface.



TrueSurface – The Original Topographic Raman Imaging System, Redefined




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