Powder dispensing technology showcased

30th April 2019

GiroNEX is showcasing its novel precision powder dispensing technology at the Making Pharmaceuticals event. 

The Making Pharmaceuticals conference is hosting over 2,000 visiting pharma professionals over two days, and 200+ exhibitors from across Europe.

GiroNEX, which announced first details of a novel precision powder dispensing technology at the end of 2018, will be showcasing the Gironex Cube.

The Cube, which combines innovative autonomous technology with a novel robotic dispense system, to make repetitive precision powder dispensing, simple and efficient, aims to significantly increase the pharmaceutical industry's ability to offer patient-specific dosing for more effective treatment of specific conditions.

The new GiroNEX technology can quickly dispense from 0.1 milligrams to 5 grams of pharmaceutical or other chemical powders into vials or capsules and with accuracies of 2% or better across the complete weight range.

This innovative new approach has been specifically developed to target fast-growing opportunities in regulated production environments such as: the use of localised manufacturing to enable pharmaceutical companies to offer more tailored treatments; and by hospital pharmacy compounding units involved in preparing patient- specific doses and drug combinations, nutritional supplements and other materials.





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