Plant genomics sample preparation

Porvair’s new 96-well Seed Genomics plate sets a new standard for high throughput plant genomics sample preparation. 

Unlike most commercially available deep well plates, the Seed Genomics plate has been proven to withstand demanding applications using steel ball bearings in the wells shaken at up to 1500rpm used to homogenise seeds, leaves or tissue ready for DNA extraction.

Manufactured from superior grade, ultra-clean polypropylene – Porvair Seed Genomics plates are certified DNA/RNA and DNA/RNA-ase free and can be paired with a matching cap mat.

In addition, the Chromatrap business unit of Porvair Sciences is introduce its novel solid-state ChIP assay kit for animal epigenetic studies. Whilst optimised for human cell lines, the kits have also been shown to work well in animal models.

Eliminating magnetic beads from the protocol, Chromatrap ChIP kits are quicker and easier to use and give great results from primary cell lines as well as stored tissue samples.

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