Performing detailed flow chemistry experiments

Syrris’ sister company, Dolomite Microfluidics, has launched new flexible Dolomite Flow Chemistry Systems.

The three systems are easy to use and can be easily configured to suit different applications, making them ideal for education, continuous large scale reactions, process optimisation, scale-up and multi-step reactions.

The Dolomite Flow Chemistry Systems are designed to provide excellent control of residence time, reaction temperature, stoichiometry and reagent introduction, for performing detailed flow chemistry experiments.

The systems include a choice of glass microreactors or tube reactors in PTFE or stainless steel from 2.5µl up to 16ml. The TCU-125 Temperature Controller ensures accurate temperature control of chips from 1 to 125°C, while the tube reactors can be heated from room temperatures to 250°C using a hotplate.

The high performance and robust Mitos Duo syringe pumps ensure extremely smooth flow rates, from 1.0µl/min to 10ml/min, and allow use of the two syringes independently, or in one continuous flow, up to 6bar.

Standard systems can be easily upgraded for additional functionality, such as reaction automation, continuous work-up, small volume sample injection or pressurised inputs.  Dolomite flow chemistry systems allow safer, cleaner, faster reactions and make flow chemistry affordable and easy.

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