The perfect technology for reducing helium costs

Helium test gas is an essential part of customized leak detection systems. It is a non-renewable, limited supply commodity with costs increasing yearly due to growing demands for higher quality parts in many industries.

In order to design processes that are as efficient and resource-conserving as possible, Pfeiffer Vacuum has developed helium recovery units which make it possible to recover and recycle the gas used in leak detection.

The recovery of used helium is particularly useful for meeting the environmental certification requirements under DIN EN ISO 14001 and for saving resources. The helium recovery units are designed as stand-alone systems and can recover helium test gas regardless of the leak detection system manufacturer.

Depending on the process parameters, up to 98 % of the inert gas can be recovered with helium concentrations between 10 % and 95 %.

Two possible Pfeiffer Vacuum helium recovery systems are available: The balloon recovery and the tank recovery. In addition, special customized, alternative solutions can be provided upon request.
Pfeiffer Vacuum develops and manufactures leak detection systems for any facility requiring high throughput production when a tightness criteria of parts needs to be guaranteed. The company also provides a wide range of leak detectors using helium or hydrogen as tracer gas for a wide variety of applications.


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