PDX data-sharing platform expands

16th April 2018

Cambridge (UK) tech start-up, Repositive, has successfully concluded the pilot phase of its data-sharing platform for PDX cancer models and is now extending the scope of the platform to include a wider range of translational cancer models. The platform enables oncology researchers to identify the particular cancer models that optimally represent specific cancer types and targeted patient sub-populations. It is the only one of its kind, being both globally accessible (not restricted to academics only or individual vendors) and searchable down to specific genomic characteristics.
Early adopter of the Repositive PDX Platform, Philippe Michon, Head of Business Development at XenTech, explains: "The Repositive platform answers one great challenge in preclinical oncology; by allowing scientists to search and access PDX model collections from around the world, it gives the ability to precisely pinpoint in a matter of a few clicks the exact PDX model sought."
Building on the success of the past 12 months of piloting the PDX Platform and based on feedback from its early adopters, the scope of the platform has now been extended: the beta version operates beyond PDX to incorporate a wider range of cancer models into the searchable platform. The new Cancer Models Platform Version 1 will provide a single portal for researchers to source a broad range of translational cancer models and related services worldwide. 



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