Partnership for population wide genomic analysis

Biomedical big data company GENALICE is partnering with deCODE Genetics to facilitate the large-scale testing of its DNA data processing software solution, GENALICE MAP

After a first round of evaluating GENALICE MAP on speed and quality, both parties agreed to extend the evaluation to include up to 10,000 full human genomes. 

Population wide analysis is crucial if the potential of whole genome sequencing for medical application in patients with complex diseases is to be realised. 

Data processing at that level represents a major challenge, however, GENALICE’s ability to process a full human genome on general purpose hardware in a matter of minutes makes population wide sequence variation analysis a reality.

deCODE Genetics has one of the world’s largest biobanks and is generating large amounts of full human genome data with its Illumina HiSeq X Ten Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) machines.  GENALICE will install an XL version of its all-in-one bioinformatics appliance, GENALICE VAULT, which is preloaded with MAP, and can process one full human genome every other minute. 

The project start in August and final results are expected to be ready in December this year. 

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