Organoid products in assay-ready format

Mimetas, a leading company in the field of organ-on-a-chip-based disease models, has launched its adult stem cell (ASC)-derived tubular organoids in an assay-ready format. As part of its OrganoReady product line, the company offers two organoid-based products: ASC-derived colon and kidney organoid tubules.

“We are thrilled to offer this cutting-edge technology to the research community,” says Jos Joore, co-CEO of Mimetas. “We’ve worked for several years to optimise these OrganoReady organoid products. As a result, our early-access users will be the first in the world to have license-free access to ready-to-use, donor-relevant organoid tubules of consistent quality.”

The company has collaborated with HUB Organoid Technology (HUB) since October 2019 to develop organoid models on a chip. HUB organoids are derived directly from ASCs and do not require reprogramming or transforming stem cells, thus maintaining donor-specific properties. Combining the OrganoPlate, Mimetas' proprietary microfluidic platform, with HUB organoid technology, organoids are grown as perfused 3D tubular structures that can be accessed on both apical and basal sides. The fully optimised OrganoReady colon organoid and OrganoReady kidney organoid products are ideal for applications such as mechanistic toxicology and drug-induced organ injury. With 64 organoids on a single plate, the models are amenable to medium- to high-throughput screening. In addition Mimetas can develop any type of organoid model in the OrganoPlate on request.

The launch comes at a strategic moment. Recently, the FDA Modernization Act 2.0 was signed by US president Joe Biden. The act advocates the use of innovative technologies such as organoids and organ-on-a-chip as alternatives to animal testing.

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