Optimised bespoke glass laboratory reactors

31st October 2017

Posted By Paul Boughton

There is increasing demand for bespoke glass laboratory reactor systems, optimised to meet the exact demands of an application or project, according to Asynt.

A polymer resin manufacturer commissioned Asynt to develop a 20-litre jacketed glass laboratory reactor vessel with a bespoke 30mm diameter zero dead space bottom run off valve.

Because of the viscous nature of the reaction material this valve was essential to the project, allowing for simple product sampling and ensuring easy and efficient transfer of the reaction material.

The customer was so pleased with the operation of the resulting glass reactor that they ordered a second identical system.

A contract research organisation, specialising in the synthesis of photosensitive molecules, tasked Asynt to design a 1-litre glass laboratory reactor to minimise light degradation of their high value molecules during reaction.

This was achieved by manufacturing the complete reactor system using amber-stained glass.





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