Next generation microscope

18th April 2018

Alpha3 is a new generation of light sheet fluorescence microscope that not only provides optical sectioning with optimal spatial resolution and signal to noise ratio for fixed or live specimen, but also delivers a high temporal resolution for 3D acquisition, addressing the needs for dynamic imaging of rapid biophysical processes.

From in-vivo imaging to large cleared samples, the new microscope delivers excellent image quality while keeping the necessary flexibility and modularity expected for cutting-edge scientific research instruments. The microscopy system architecture allow for a large choice of detection objectives, from low to high magnification and numerical aperture, including long working distance objectives with correction collars especially designed for being used with clearing solutions.

Based on a light sheet technology, the Alpha3 system provides the sharpest optical sectioning (focus area) over the entire field of view in real time while suppressing “streaks” artifacts, producing optimum image quality for qualitative and quantitative imaging. In addition, by integrating an innovative fast remote focusing method,

It allows for high-speed 3D acquisition at camera frame rate without using motorised means. This fully meets the requirements for 3D+time imaging of morphogenetic events in living organisms or the observation of fast dynamic processes at sub cellular level and ensures no specimen perturbation that could introduce imaging artifacts compromising further analysis.

Special attention has been given to the chamber design and its sample mounting accessories to facilitate sample holding and inspection. The chamber is well adapted for live small specimen while having the useful dimensions for large samples such as a whole mouse brain.

Alpha3 typical applications include in toto imaging of small animal models such as whole mouse embryos, morphogenesis and embryogenesis of C.elegans, Drosophila, Zebrafish, live imaging of cell cultures, functional imaging of neuronal activity, fluorescence imaging of marine organisms or plant developmental biology.





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