Next-gen electronic batch execution

Lonza has launched the Moda ES Software Platform, a next-generation electronic batch record execution solution. Building on the firm''s informatics know-how and contract manufacturing expertise, the new platform offers a flexible and user-friendly solution for consolidating and managing batch and quality data generated by non-automated manufacturing processes. 

The new platform has been designed to provide a cost-effective solution to batch record challenges. 

Electronic batch records have been unattainable for most of the industry due to cost constraints and flexibility concerns. Lonza is changing that with the launch of the new platform, which facilitates paperless execution across manufacturing and QC processes. The Moda ES Platform equals 'one record, one platform' to move companies into the digital age and allow them to reap the benefits of efficiency, improved compliance, real-time reporting and expedited release of products to customers.

"The new platform builds on our manufacturing, quality-control and informatics expertise to bring a cost-effective, flexible and scalable solution to the market," said Mike Goetter. "This platform will enable manufacturing organisations to rapidly scale to a paperless workflow and empower them to make informed decisions while improving efficiency and compliance.

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