New viscometer launched

PCE Instruments has launched a new Krebs-Stormer viscometer with touchscreen, the PCE-RVI 8.

The new viscosity meter allows quick testing of samples not only at the laboratory but also directly in production or storage rooms under suitable environmental conditions. Due to its suitability for measurements at room temperatures of 5 to 35°C and its weight of only 5kg, the PCE-RVI 8 can easily be used at different locations. The included temperature sensor enables permanent control of the sample temperature during the measurement.

The constant speed of 200 rpm is suitable, among other things, for viscosity measurements in the paint and varnish industry where the results are needed in the Krebs unit KU. The viscosity is determined from the resistance that the sample under examination exerts against the rotational movement of the spindle.

The touchscreen can be operated easily and conveniently with the pen included in the scope of delivery. After starting the measurement, the value determined by the viscometer is shown on the display simultaneously in the Krebs unit KU, in the CGS unit Centipoise (cP) and in grammes (g). In addition, the remaining measuring time and, if the temperature sensor is connected, also the current temperature of the sample in °C is displayed. The "Chart" button can also be used to call up a graph of the measured values over time.

The new PCE-RVI 8 Stormer viscometer from PCE Instruments is a practical device for convenient measurements. The measurement data can be saved to the device or sent directly to a printer or transferred to a computer via the interfaces. The PC software which is available as an optional accessory can also be used to simplify the evaluation and documentation of the measurements.



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