New version of genetics software

Technidata, the supplier of software for clinical laboratories and biobanks, has announced delivery of Version 3 of its TD-Genet software, which responds to the specific needs of chromosomal and molecular genetics laboratories, and clinical genetics departments. This new version is of particular interest to molecular genetics labs, thanks to its innovative management of microwell plates for DNA sequencing and mutation identification. These innovations will be unveiled at the ESHG (European Society of Human Genetics) Conference in Glasgow between 6 and 9 June 2015.

Mutations can be identified through examination of genetic material, thanks to DNA sequencing using classic methods such as Sanger and pyrosequencing, or emerging next-generation techniques such as NGS and NNGS. Genetic samples are placed on microwell plates that can contain up to several hundred wells.

“It can quickly become pretty laborious to define plate layouts and report results, and this can also be a source of errors because these tasks are frequently done manually in laboratories using, for example, Microsoft Excel to manage the microplates," explains François Tourres, product manager at Technidata.

"TD-Genet allows users to automate, standardise and industrialise their processes. They can therefore define their plate plans very easily using a graphics tool, then display the genetic mutations identified for each well. Processing examinations and microwell plates in batch mode is a safe and efficient way of managing routine tasks,” adds Tourres.

For molecular genetics laboratories, this translates into considerable time savings and efficiency gains, fewer errors, and an improvement in traceability, all of which help in the ISO 15189 accreditation process.

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