New valve line for biopharm sector

29th November 2019

ITT Engineered Valves has announced the latest addition to the EnviZion valve product line. The new BioviZion fractional size valve includes the technology of the EnviZion valve platform in a compact package for 1/4-1/2” applications, with features that provide a more reliable and less costly valve to operate and maintain.
“The EnviZion design has set a new standard for valves in the biopharm industry,” said Dave Loula at ITT Engineered Valves. “We have incorporated the same technology into a fractional size valve and added new features to overcome challenges related to dimensional limitations. This provides manufacturers with improved performance and reliability for critical sampling and low flow installations.”

Key features of the new valve option include: mechanical thermal compensation system; quick change bonnet; and reduced maintenance times.

The valve platform offers a more streamlined installation and maintenance process, delivering less downtime, longer preventative maintenance cycles and greater production capacity for manufacturers. Assembled with a simple mount and turn motion, the EnviZion valve is maintained in approximately three minutes without using any special tools or difficult torquing procedures. The valve’s 360° active seal protection provides leak-free operation, helping eliminate the risk of contamination and the need to re-torque after thermal cycling.





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