New ultra-low temperature freezer

A new ultra-low temperature freezer is designed to offer laboratories a greener solution: less power consumption, less noise and higher efficiency without compromising the integrity of samples.

The Thermo Scientific TSX ultra-low temperature freezer features natural refrigerants for lower environmental impact and higher cooling efficiency. Due to its intuitive design, the TSX freezer uses up to 50% less energy than conventional refrigerant ultra-low freezers and delivers temperature uniformity that continuously adapts to a laboratory’s environment.

“Energy efficiency is a feature most lab managers and sustainability officers look for when making purchasing decisions, but energy savings can come at the expense of sample integrity,” said Chris Champlin, vice president and general manager, Controlled Temperature Technologies at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “The new TSX ultra-low temperature freezer delivers unparalleled efficiency, noise reduction, and sample protection. Now, labs can not only reap the benefits of significant energy savings, but also feel confident that their samples are in an environment designed for their protection.”

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