New Treg isolation kit

The new MACSxpress Treg isolation kit, human from Miltenyi Biotec facilitates both the fast and efficient isolation of regulatory T (Treg) cells from a maximum of 30ml of fresh, anticoagulated whole blood. The MACSxpress technique makes it possible to isolate Treg cell populations without using density gradient centrifugation and with only one labelling step. Subsequently, the cells are immediately available for further analysis or cell cultivation.

Treg cells play an important role in regulating the immune response and peripheral tolerance mechanisms. In their role as the regulators of self-tolerance in the immune system, they prevent the onset of autoimmune diseases. However, they often suppress desired reactions, such as a successful anti-tumour immune response, too. Their involvement in these immune mechanisms makes Treg cells particularly interesting for translational research.

Miltenyi Biotec has developed MACSxpress, a fast process for isolating cells from whole blood. The MACSxpress Treg isolation kit, human, enables the extremely efficient isolation of CD4+CD25+CD127dim/- Treg cells in only two steps. In the first step CD4-negative cells are removed using the immunomagnetic MACSxpress beads while erythrocytes are simultaneously sedimented. In the second step magnetic enrichment of CD25+ Treg cells is carried out using a MACS column. The marked Treg cells are held back in the column to be eluted and are then immediately available for cell cultivation or biochemical, physiological, pharmacological and morphological investigation.

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