New tool for in vitro hiPSC culture

27th June 2018

AMS Bio has launched MyEZGel 3D-iPSC Matrix - a powerful new tool for in vitro 3D human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC) culture, enabling more accurate in vivo predictions in life science research and development. 

MyEZGel 3D-iPSC is a synthetic xeno-free hydrogel matrix inspired by muscle and spider silk proteins. Beneficially, MyEZGel is proven to overcome basic problems associated with traditional hydrogel-based matrices such as complicated scaffold synthesis, temperature/pH sensitivity, low harvest/yield and cellular toxicity from materials used. 

Today, 3D cell culture is widely acknowledged as holding the key to bridging the gap between cell culture and cellular physiology by providing better representation of the in vivo microenvironment and cytoarchitecture, structural complexity and homeostasis, and most importantly cell-cell and cell-environment interactions. As a consequence, 3D culture systems for use with iPSCs are gaining popularity as matrix grown cells have more in vivo-like gene expression, better differentiation potential, proliferation and cellular function, and are more physiologically relevant in vitro models.

Provided as a patented nanofibre solution, a 3D microenvironment can be easily formulated to specific stem cell growth conditions at room temperature or 37°C. Using MyEZGel, cells can be maintained in a pluripotent state or differentiated for advanced disease modeling and drug discovery research. 





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