New tip technology

Greiner Bio-One is launching a new generation of Sapphire pipette tips. For decades, the company’s pipette tips have been standard equipment in laboratories worldwide. Greiner is now bringing the follow-up to its successful range onto the market.

The new pipette tips are produced and packaged at the Austrian plant in Kremsmünster, in a fully automated process that minimises any potential risk of contamination. The newly developed portfolio is comprehensive and yet clearly structured. Offering solutions for all requirements, it provides the all-important flexibility that is necessary for everyday liquid handling in laboratories.

Universal and specialised

The tips are made of medical polypropylene and benefit from a universal fit on most standard pipettes. They are available in standard, filter, low-retention and filter low-retention versions. By minimising the adhesion of sample material on the inside of the tip, the low-retention surface ensures maximum precision, even with detergents and other viscous or complex samples. The filter tips reliably prevent the transfer of biological material and aerosols, without this negatively affecting the accuracy of the volume being pipetted. No additives are used when manufacturing the filters. Even after accidental contact, it is therefore possible to continue using samples. In conjunction with Sapphire pipettes, the universal tips offer a fully optimised and harmonised liquid handling solution from a single source.

The new Sapphire tips are available in eight different sizes with volumes ranging from 10 µl to 1250 µl, including an extended 10 µl tip for smaller volumes. Depending on the version, Sapphire tips are supplied in racks, in bags or as refill units.

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