New thermistor for medical devices

17th April 2018

Ametherm has extended the capabilities of its Accu-Curve series of interchangeable NTC thermistors with the ACL-011. This new device features insulated tinned-copper leads, ensuring the most accurate temperature sensing with no unintended conduction between leads.

The ACL-011 delivers long-term stability and reliability for high-accuracy temperature sensing, control, and compensation in medical and industrial applications. The device offers interchangeability over a broad temperature range and eliminates the need to individually calibrate or provide circuit compensation for part variability.

Offering a diameter of 1.524mm and 32 AWG leads, the epoxy-coated thermistor features resistance at 25°C of 50 kΩ, with a tolerance of ±1%. The ACL-011 offers Beta of 3,950°K, a dissipation constant of 3mW/°C, maximum power rating of 50mW, and an operating temperature range of -40°C to 125°C.

Providing designers with faster, less-expensive alternatives to RTD probes and thermocouples - without compromising on accuracy, the Accu-Curve series thermistors deliver the tight tolerances required for accurate temperature measurement in critical medical instrumentation.





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