New tablet tool coating process

14th June 2018

I Holland has launched an innovative new process that enables tablet manufacturers to monitor tool coating wear helping to minimise production downtime.

Achema was used as a platform in which to introduce several new products and services. The company's Wear Indicator layer was exhibited for the first time.

“The research and development team at I Holland is constantly working on new solutions to help our customers with their tablet production,” said Rob Blanchard, R&D Manager. “One question we are asked time and time again is ‘how do we know our tool coating is nearing the end of its effective life span?’ We have developed an answer with the introduction of the Wear Indicator Layer. It is a distinctive gold coloured layer that is revealed as the functional coating approaches the end of its working life cycle. This advancement will have a huge impact on production for our customers as they can monitor tooling effectively to see when replacement is required by simple visual inspection.

“Wear around the tip face can cause problems like sticking and picking, however, the Wear Indicator Layer provides an indication and solution to prevent any long-term damage to the press and delays in production due to increased cleaning or replacement of tooling. This innovative new coating process will be extremely beneficial to our customers and their manufacturing processes.”

I Holland demonstrated the new Wear Indicator Layer alongside its other innovative coatings and treatments in the PharmaCote range, which are tailored to provide wear and corrosion resistance or improve anti-stick properties.





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