New standalone heater module

Uniqsis has launched HotChip - a new standalone heater module that provides precise temperature control of flow chemistry glass static mixer (GSM) chip reactors.
The range of chemically resistant borosilicate glass chip reactor blocks can be used as static mixers to ensure effective mixing before a coil reactor or to perform fast exothermic experiments such as nitrations or brominations where reaction times are often less than one minute.
Available in sizes from 270µl to 20 ml - GSM chips from Uniqsis can be used to perform reactions from -80°C to over 225°C. GSM chips up to 2ml can be operated up to 40-bar and are available in two-channel or three-channel configuration. Larger GSM chips of 10ml and 20ml have a premixing channel followed by a residence domain and can operate up to 10-bar.
Incorporating a clear, bright LED display, HotChip is very easy to use as a standalone module. Simply 'push-to-set' and 'push-to-start' using the rotary controller. Alternatively, HotChip can be remotely controlled using a FlowSyn flow reactor system, a Binary Pump Module or using the Uniqsis FlowControl system control software.
The HotChip insulated cover features a cut-out that allows it to be conveniently removed and refitted without the need to disconnect the fluidic connections. An enhanced cool-down option is available which utilises the low pressure compressed supply available in most laboratory fume hoods to accelerate cooling.

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