New stackable autoclaves

20th February 2017

When laboratories or cleanrooms have segregated loads awaiting sterilisation, each requiring their own unique process settings, this may cause serious delays and create unsafe bottlenecks if the facility only uses a single autoclave. Such situations can be overcome with the new range of front-loading stackable autoclaves being introduced by British manufacturer Priorclave. It brings greater versatility to autoclave usage with the ability to sterilise two distinct loads simultaneously, each with their own sterilisation control setting.

The new stackable autoclave range initially comprises two standard arrangements, dual 150 litre models and dual 200 litre chamber capacities models. This give the lab manger initially looking for a 300 litre or 400 litre chamber machine the opportunity to investing in a dual 150 or 200 litre laboratory autoclave.

Now with added sterilising flexibility in the lab, both chambers can be used to simultaneously handling the same type of waste, giving a maximum load of 300/400 litres or a series of single 150/200 litre loads starting as and when items become available. The big plus factor is that the new stackable autoclaves enable lab staff to sterilise both waste and medium at the same time.

The alternative to achieving this flexibility is the purchase of two separate machines; the obvious downside is that double the floor space is required. For labs where space is accountable it is a costly choice, not only in required footprint but also in terms of whether that space could be better utilised.

Priorclave’s EH150 and EH200 stackable lab autoclaves are expected to be used extensively within many industries sectors including education, life sciences, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial, food and drink, dairy and brewing. They are built in the UK at the company’s manufacturing centre to a modular design, enabling easy upgrading during their working life as requirements change.





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