New solutions for mRNA production

Accelerating the development and manufacturing of mRNA vaccine and therapeutics requires simple workflows with all inputs optimised for product needs. The demand for high-quality mRNA purification and synthesis must be met with flexible and scalable production solutions. Invitrogen Dynabeads streptavidin for in vitro transcription and Invitrogen dynabeads carboxylic Acid for RNA purification are specifically designed for optimal mRNA production.

Dynabeads mRNA production solutions offer:

  • Flexibility– choice of synthetic or plasmid DNA template for mRNA IVT for greater flexibility of mRNA design
  • Efficiency – reuse the DNA template up to six times, minimizing plasmid prep and reducing hands-on time and risk of transfer of bacterial host DNA
  • Scalability – swap from manual to fully automated workflow to match required scale
  • Minimised footprint – enables modular manufacturing to cost-effectively match required scale (increase or decrease)
  • Support – platform designed for optimal product quality and regulatory support, including published data and technical support for vaccine development and manufacturing
  • Quality  ensure a safe, flexible supply of magnetic beads for vaccine developers, from development to commercial manufacturing scale, without incurring extra time or costs from switching technology or raw materials

Dynabeads streptavidin for in vitro transcription

An innovative solution facilitating the re-use of DNA template, minimising the effort needed for plasmid preparation whilst maximizing the mRNA productivity in scale ranging from µg to g quantities of mRNA.

RNA is synthesised using a biotinylated DNA template of choice, amplified through PCR, immobilised to Dynabeads streptavidin for in vitro transcription. The immobilised template is reused in the next IVT reaction (up to six times).

Cell culture volumes will be approximately 10,000 times smaller than traditional in vitro transcription (IVT) workflows. The highly efficient Dynabeads IVT process delivers superior quality mRNA in scalable quantities that can flex quickly and easily according to user needs.

Dynabeads carboxylic acid for RNA purification

Synthesised mRNA is captured at high quality in a volume of choice in a simple bind-wash-elute process.


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