New siRNA generation kit

Amsbio has introduced a Dicer siRNA Generation Kit that mimics the natural RNA interference process by using recombinant human dicer enzyme, a double-stranded RNA-specific endonuclease, to cleave in vitro transcribed dsRNA templates into a pool of 22 bp siRNAs.

The new kit allows easy and cost-effective generation of a large number of small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) from full-length target genes. For maximum convenience, the Dicer siRNA Generation Kit contains everything that is required for preparing double stranded RNA, RNA cleavage, siRNA cleanup and transfection. Using the Dicer kit takes the guesswork out of siRNA generation as preparing a mixture of siRNAs has a better chance of success than a single siRNA design. Consequently labs using the kit will benefit as they waste less time and money on failed siRNA designs and are able to screen more regions of genes for silencing.

Each Amsbio Dicer siRNA Generation Kit contains sufficient material for transcribing, cleaving, and transfecting siRNAs for 50 transfection experiments in 24-well plates with up to five different genes.

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