New silent blood pressure monitor

4th March 2013

Omron Healthcare Europe B.V. announces an upgrade of its wrist type blood pressure monitor range, including its slimmest and quietest models ever.

Now everyone can check their blood pressure anytime and anywhere.
For regular home monitoring, OMRON’s wrist type monitors are an easy and reliable solution.

At work, home or travelling, users can take an accurate measurement quickly and conveniently, all you have to do is roll away any clothing that covers the wrist.
The new range is suited to all lifestyles. OMRON wants to enable everyone – with or without hypertension – to check their blood pressure, so they can build up an accurate picture of their health and monitor it over time.

Slimmer and quieter than ever before
The high-end RS6 and RS8 models are OMRON’s slimmest and quietest monitors ever.
They are so discrete that users can even check their blood pressure in the airport for
example, without anyone else noticing.

The RS6 and RS8 models also offer increased ease and accuracy with a ‘right every
time’ positioning sensor which helps you to know for certain that the monitor is correctly
aligned with the level of your heart. The cuff wrapping guide feature ensures that you are
confident in the knowledge that the cuff is not wrapped too tightly or too loosely.
The RS2 and RS3 have a pre-formed cuff that makes the monitor easy to fit on the arm
and a cuff wrapping guide to ensure that it is wrapped correctly. In addition, the display
faces upwards in a more intuitive position so the user can see the screen while taking a

All models come with an Irregular Heartbeat Detector as standard. Using an icon on the
screen this alerts the patient if an irregular heartbeat may be present as this can
invalidate the reading. This is not a definitive diagnosis of irregular heartbeat but it will
alert the user that they need to visit their doctor for further examination.

With over 100 million blood pressure monitors sold worldwide in the last 30 years,
OMRON Healthcare is the established world leader in blood pressure monitoring. All
products are designed in Japan and have been clinically validated – this means that you
have the confidence of an accurate reading wherever you may be.






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