New reference standards

Testa Analytical Solutions now offers ReadyCal Calibration Kits ­- certified reference standards for organic and aqueous GPC/SEC applications.

The colour-coded ReadyCal standards come as polymer cocktails pre-weighed into 1.5ml autosampler vials for easy and convenient calibration of GPC/SEC experiments. Each vial includes a mixture of up to four carefully selected, pre-weighed polystyrene or PEO/PEG standards in molecular weight ranges from 238 Da to 2,520,000 Da. 

Carlo Dessy, CEO of TESTA Analytical Solutions comments: "A ReadyCal Calibration Kit allows you to quickly and reproducibly prepare an 8 to 12-point calibration curve without the inconvenience and mess of having to weigh samples. Just add solvent directly into the autosampler vial, let it stand for two hours, shake gently and load into your autosampler for analysis."

He adds: "Using ReadyCal Calibration Kits greatly simplifies lab work and increases the reliability and productivity of your GPC/SEC experiments as a result."

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