New range of gravimetric dilutors

18th March 2015

Interscience has introduced a new range of gravimetric dilutors, the DiluFlow Elite 5kg, DiluFlow Elite 1 kg, DiluFlow Pro & DiluFlow with upgraded accuracy and design. The DiluFlow products are dedicated to the microbiology labs to ensure accurate sample preparation before analysis to guarantee consumer health and safety in compliance with ISO 7218, ISO 6887-1 and FDA BAM standards.

With a booster kit, the DiluFlow are among the fastest dilutors on the market. Only 8 seconds to dispense 225 mL. When it is finished the LightCode tells the user from a distance the accuracy of the dilution: green, orange, red or blue. 

They feature an ultra-low profile and robotic arm. Interscience has added a robotic arm so users can drop the sample safely and easily while saving time. The DiluFlow have a very low bag opening, allowing a better comfort and ergonomics, especially when used in a biosafety cabinet. 

They also boast the GeckoGrip system and patented DripTray. Inspired by a gecko's paw, the new Geckogrip material will hold the bag without pressing hard and will even stick on a wet surface. The DripTray can be removed to be rinsed, avoiding a teadious cleaning of the machine.





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