New products for use in Covid-19 testing

In response to global demand for dependable technologies designed to optimize Covid-19 testing, Atik Cameras, specialist designer and manufacturer of advanced scientific imaging solutions, has developed the new VS255 and VS825 cameras for use specifically with quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) instruments - the most commonly used systems for detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. These commercially competitive, custom cameras, which mark the latest additions to the VS Series of scientific charge-coupled-device (CCD) cameras, offer superior sensitivity and image quality.

"The camera of a qPCR instrument plays a key role at the amplification stage of the testing process, recording the fluorescent signals of the viral genetic material, with the greyscale version of the image being analysed to generate either a positive or negative result," explained Stephen Chambers, CEO at Atik Cameras. "With the paramount importance of the Covid-19 challenge, it was vital that we provided products that were well suited to the task. Drawing on our scientific imaging expertise, as well as our extensive research and development capabilities, we’ve developed the VS255 and VS825 cameras to offer OEMs and clinical diagnostic laboratories high-performing tools to facilitate the accurate diagnosis of active Covid-19 infections."

The VS255 camera has been equipped with features designed to maximise the diagnostic potential of qPCR instruments. Owing to its advanced cooling capabilities, the camera offers optimal sensitivity and image quality through the reduction of dark current. Image quality is further enhanced due to the camera’s binning capabilities combined with its pixel size. At the same time, the VS825 camera is a bespoke, modified version of Atik Cameras’ Infinity camera, featuring integrated cooling capabilities alongside custom firmware and software.

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