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21st March 2018

Cell-based assays have become an important application in the life science sector, from basic to top-level research. They are widely used in biotech companies and academic research institutions to monitor cell health in real-time. As experiments with living cells require constant physiological conditions, a precise gas control is essential. BMG Labtech's latest Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU) is now also available for the Omega series, the company's budget-friendly product line.

When running cell-based assays on a microplate reader, specific atmospheric and temperature conditions are required to keep cell cultures in the optimal environment. The imitation of conditions matching those found in nature is necessary to avoid stress responses ensuring robust and reliable results. The ACU enables the independent control over oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations within the plate reader and replaces the need for transferring plates between the incubator and the microplate reader, saving time and labour. It is the ideal solution for a wide range of applications, including studies involving long-term cell proliferation, hypoxia and standard cell growth.

With the introduction of the latest ACU for the Omega series, now all of the company's life science and assay development plate readers provide enhanced possibilities for cell-based assays. The Omega series including the multi-mode plate readers FluoStar Omega and PolarStar Omega are ideal instruments for multiplex assays including simultaneous reads of fluorescence, absorbance and luminescence, ideal for following reporter gene expression whilst following cell growth and proliferation.

The ACU is also compatible with the single-mode Omega readers, LumiStar and SpectroStar, meaning the gas control technology is available to all researchers meeting all requirements whether just single-mode reads or multi-mode.





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