New plate adapter launched

Biotage has announced the launch of its ACT (Anti Cross Talk) plate adapter, an innovative solution for prevention of well to well cross contamination during extract evaporation.

Biotage ACT plate adapter is an essential accessory for evaporation devices. Constructed from robust, high-grade anodised aluminium, it fits on top of the 96-well collection plate containing the sample during evaporation. The plate adapter is compatible with straight needle evaporation devices such as the Biotage SPE Dry 96 and SPE Dry Dual systems, and does not require any changes to the existing analytical method.

The plate adapter is designed to fit on top of the 96-well collection plate, is reusable and easy to use. Evaporated gases are directed away from the sample wells, eddies are reduced, and the plate adapter reduces the open surface area of the top of the wells, lessening the likelihood that material can re-enter and contaminate adjacent wells.

“During evaporation a proportional amount of analytes present in an extracted sample can contaminate surrounding wells by being carried with the volatilised solvent. If the analyte concentration in one well is considerably higher than the analyte concentration in the surrounding wells it has the potential to cause a clinically significant and erroneous change to the adjacent samples. We believe that the ACT plate adapter is the first commercially available device to address the issue of cross talk on evaporation” says Dr Claire Desbrow from Biotage.

The plate adapter can be incorporated into existing assays without the need for changing any other aspects of the method, and there is minimal impact of solvent drying times.

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