New pharmaceutical refrigerator with freezer

Panasonic recently introduced the new MPR-715F-PE pharmaceutical refrigerator with freezer: providing a complete storage solution; refrigerator and freezer in one unit.

Designed for optimum temperature distribution, the product features a fan-forced air circulation system in the refrigerator that offers better uniformity and fast recovery of temperature after routine door openings to minimise fluctuations. Secure storage at both freezing and refrigerated temperatures, within a minimal footprint makes this an ideal solution for installation in smaller spaces.

A defrost system in the refrigerator operates only short cycles as required to prevent unnecessary temperature spikes. The freezer compartment is manually defrosted for the most stable temperature performance.

Microprocessor controller, combined with accurate sensors, maintain a precise temperatures within the refrigerator and freezer, while a comprehensive alarm system alerts of any temperature deviations. There are multiple safety systems, such as high/low temperature audible and visual alarms, remote alarm, door open alarm and keyed door locks.

One unit with dual temperature control requires minimal installation space. Four-door design reduces air loss during door opening and makes efficient use of space in front of the unit.

Refrigeration systems within both compartments are specially designed for demanding scientific and laboratory storage. Compressors are application specific, components are carefully matched and systems are laid out to ensure high-performance cooling with ultimate reliability.

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