New NGS library sample preparation kits

The RapidSeq Small RNA Sample Prep Kit from Amsbio is optimised for preparation of NGS libraries for subsequent cluster generation, using purified mRNA or total RNA that contains small RNA fragments as input. The protocol includes steps for adapters ligation, reverse transcription, PCR amplification, and size selection by gel purification to generate a library product compatible with a range of commercial NGS platforms. 

The RapidSeq Directional mRNA Sample Prep kit provides strand-specific cDNA synthesis with reduced costs and increased sensitivity. Strand-specific RNA-seq improves on standard RNA-seq in three ways: accurately identifying antisense transcripts, determining the transcribed strand of non-coding RNAs (e.g. lincRNAs), and demarcating the boundaries of closely situated or overlapping genes.

In addition using RapidSeq kits a user's workflow will be simplified as most components are supplied as ready-to-use master mixtures reducing setup time and liquid handling steps. Offering leading performance and a wide dynamic range, RapidSeq provides a turnkey solution for applications including mRNA detection and quantification, mRNA discovery, mRNA expression profiling as well as mRNA related functional assessment and validation.

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